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Hi, I'm Gymmyg, the tutor of GymGamEnt, a type of activity where you move and play!

GymGamEnt is a version of Star2Fit for the little ones, above all it is still experimental!

Before playing some recommendations:

1) it is an experimental game, we are not responsible for anything that may happen as a result of the activity

2) make sure you have space to carry out the activity

3) nothing will be recorded when you practice the activity

4) if you can, fill out the form and send us your opinions!

Thank you 1000 and have fun!

If your feet remain too high and you can't position yourself between the fuchsia icons, try tilting the tablet a little more or a little less and repeat the operation, just get used to it.

The tablet must be in FULL SCREEN to be able to align well with the fuchsia head and feet icons.

If you have any doubts you can go
back to the GymGamEnt HOME for
the demo Instructions and the FAQ.


It's easy you'll see, it's a matter of doing a certain number of repetitions of the exercise to overcome each level.

Be careful though, with each level you pass the number of repetitions will increase!

Everything must be done within a certain time!

Don't worry if you don't perform well
exercise, the important thing is
to have fun!

BONUSES will arrive during the course, grab them with your hands!

But also pay attention to the MALUS, that is, the fists that come out of the holes... You will have to dodge them so as not to waste precious seconds!

In the first levels you will not see any
BONUS or MALUS, you must first learn
the exercises well!
Ah, yes... pay attention to the time!


Are you ready to play?


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